When the rain comes in from the South, the beacons wander closer to Brecon

The Beers

Brecon Brewing beers are best in your local
- if your pub isn’t stocking them, ask the landlord to call us!

However, for home consumption we can supply any current beer in
20litre (about 36pts) polypins or 5litre (about 8pts) mini-casks and Gold Beacons in 500ml bottles .

Both are available from the Brewery Shop, open Monday-Friday 9-5.

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Core Range

Three Beacons 3.0% abv
Pale golden APA remarkably full flavoured and extensively hopped a beer that truly defies its strength.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Cara malt, Malted Oats; a blend of 8 UK and US hops; yeast.
Welsh Beacons 3.7% abv
A delightful golden traditional Welsh Ale brewed with pale, gold, oat & wheat malts for a full flavour, with a refresheing blend of british hops.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Caragold malt, Malted Oats; A blend of 5 UK hops; yeast.
 Copper-Beacons-v3-beers Copper Beacons 4.1% abv
A beautiful Copper Ale, with a smooth malty base and a generous balance of fruity hops.Ingredients : Brecon Water, Marris Otter Pale Ale malt, Cara and Crystal malts, Malted Wheat, Sovereign, Pilgrim, First Gold and Northdown hops, yeast.
Gold Beacons
Gold Beacons 4.2% abv
Deep golden ale brewed with Progress and Pioneer hops for a soft yet well defined bitterness, which balances the blend of malts.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Caragold malt, Malted Oats; Progress and Pioneer hops; yeast.Also Available in Bottles
Red Beacons 5.0% abv
A red hued smooth premium ale, full bodied with a generous balance of hops.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Cara malt, Malted Wheat; Goldings, Sovereign, Pioneer and First Gold hops; yeast.
Seasonal and Special Beers (Now Avaialable)
CMYK base Goal 2014 : 4.0% abv

Beautiful bronze ale for the beautiful game’s top tournament! A balance of malty sweetness with refreshing hop bitterness makes this truly a pint of two halves…
Limited Edition beer for the Football World Cup, 2014 
Orange Beacons v1  Orange Beacons : 4.3% abv Our stunning Summer Ale returns again – with a relaunch at the W-Ales festival in the Millennium Stadium, (June 5-7th).

A blonde Saison brewed with wheat malt and fresh Oranges for stunningly refreshing citrus burst of flavour.

The Beacons Brewhouse (Craft Beer in Keg)


 Beacons Brewhouse Gold 4.2% abv

Splendid Golden Ale


 Beacons Brewhouse Red 5.0% abv

Red hued I.P.A.


 Beacons Brewhouse Choc-y-wocky 6.0% abv


Beware the Choc-y-wocky….

Superior Chocolate Orange Stout – brewed with fresh oranges, dark chocolate and Montbana Dark Chocolate powder from James Gourmet Coffee… Dangerously drinkable!

SIBA National Keg competition 2014 Gold Medal winner – Speciality Beers.

 Coming Soon!

Dark Beacons 3.8% abvA refreshing traditional Welsh Dark – hints of roast coffee and caramel with a gentle hop character.Ingredients : Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Caragold malt, Malted Oats; Sovereign, Pilgrim and Admiral hops; yeast.

Limited Edition for CAMRA’s May is Mild month, although available on demand at other times…

  Blonde Beacons 4.1% abv

Summer Seasonal for July

A soft, floral blonde Summer Ale, with a refreshingly distinctive hop character 

The Genesis Project Beers (no longer available)

 YyB  Ysbrid y Bannau : 6.5% abv Probably our most anticipated beer to date! Ysbrid y Bannau [Spirit of the Beacons] is an oak aged strong golden ale. Although technically Genesis 3:iii, this one will return from time to time…

With amazing aromas of vanilla and whisky, this beer just keeps developing flavours.


Chocwork Orange Genesis 3:ii – The Chockwork Orange – 6.0% abv
A sumptuous velvety smooth stout, infused with fresh Oranges and lashing of dark chocolate… Brewed with the help of our friends at the Griffin at Felifach, this strong dark ale will keep you going all through the Festive period – and beyond! Terry can keep his…. Will also be available in a limited edition of bottles.
Dark Skies Genesis 3:i – Dark Skies 5.7% abv
A dark Saison brewed with fresh raspberries from Court Farm, Tillington (our neighbours at the Brecknock Farmers Market!) and Halen Môn’s sublime Vanilla Sea Salt. Although very deep Burgundy in colour, this beer is remarkably light and fresh, with all the typical Saison flavours complimented by the zing of raspberries, the smooth unctuousness of the vanilla and the final sharpness of the Sea Salt – A real star of a beer! Will also be available in a limited edition of bottles.
   Genesis 2:ii – Imperious Beacons 7.5%
The Imperial Welsh Stout – velvety smooth, deep black and with hints of smoky coffee, toffee and luscious Black Forrest gateaux.Keep your eyes open for a possible “very limited edition” bottles!
Genesis 2:i - Sie Deutch 6.0% abv
A HopfenBock – dark Bock Bier, matured for 2 months on a bed of Sladek hops
Genesis 1:iv – Omnia 4.3% abv‏    
Chestnut hued multigrain beer – complex, witty and packed with character. An heroic host of hops balance the sweetness of the grains and the artful addition of Aramis adds Gallic flair!
Genesis Babel Clip  Genesis 1:iii – Babel 3.0% abv
American Pale Ale – how to confuse your tastebuds in one easy pint! Deep Gold in colour, full bodied, and extensively hopped, this is a truely extraordinary beer…
 Genesis 1:ii – The Prophet’s Porter 5.6% abvA sumptuous dark Porter, based on a Nineteenth Century recipe
 Genesis 1:i 4.3% abv
September 2011 – In the beginning was the Wort …
The First Brew – a chestnut coloured traditional best bitter. This brew provided much technical information on the new brew kit and turned out to be a roaring success.

Previous Brews (not currently avaialble)

 Bright Beacons 4.5% abv
A straw coloured best bitter, packed with a multitude of hops for full, satisfying drinking experience.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Low Colour malt; Challenger, Williamette and Northdown hops; yeast.
Daffodil web Daffodil 4.0% abvOur Spring Seasonal – Pale yellow gold with a beautiful floral flavour.Available throughout February and March.

Snowy Beacons
Snowy Beacons – 4.4% abv
Our Ale of the month for January – a blonde Winter Ale, almost Belgian in complexity, with a gentle warming glow. Soft bitterness, with gentle vinous fruit and hop notes, this is the perfect ale for warming beside the fire after a battle with the elements.
Orange Beacons 4.3% abv
A fantastically refreshing clear summer wheat beer infused with fresh oranges. As seen at The Great British Beer Festival 2013, and the people’s choice of the 2013 Green Man Festival!Will return in time for the Great Welsh Beer Festival 2014, and the Summer…

Dark Beacons 3.8% abvA refreshing traditional Welsh Dark – hints of roast coffee and caramel with a gentle hop character.Ingredients : Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Caragold malt, Malted Oats; Sovereign, Pilgrim and Admiral hops; yeast.Limited Edition for CAMRA’s May is Mild month.
   Black Beacons 4.5% abv
A splendid Welsh Stout – very dark, velevety smooth with hints of lucious Black Forest Gateaux.Ingredients : Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Cara malt, Roasted Barley and Malted Oats; Cluster, Pilgrim, Liberty and Junga hops; yeast.Very limited edition brew – WIGIG!
Green Beacons 4.3% abv – The Hop Harvest Special
Pale golden ale brewed with fresh Fuggles straight from the fields of Little Lambswick Farm near Tenbury Wells. These fresh undried hops (which will be still growing about 3 hours before going in the beer) provide an amazingly fresh and flora aroma and flavour that can only come at hop harvest. When we know which hops we’re getting, we’ll let you know…
Jazzy Beacons 3.8% abv
A malty golden ale with a discerning floral hop flavorThe unofficial beer of the Brecon Jazz Festival and the Brecon Fringe Festival…
Sporting Beacons 4.6% abv
Dark amber refreshing premium bitter, with a spicy citrus flavour – celebrating a famous Summer of Sport in Great BritainAvailability : July – August 2012
CMYK base Twilight Beacons 4.0% abvDelicious Dark Ale with a refreshing hoppiness.
Goal – 2012 4.0% abv
Bronze hued well rounded ale – a special brew for the Euro 2012 Championships.Availability : June 2012
 Diamond Beacons 4.3% abv
An imperious red ale, brewed with a wealth of Sovereign hops – smooth, elegant and eminently enjoyable – the best way to toast sixty regal years.Ingredients : Brecon Water, Marris Otter Pale Ale malt, Cara malt, Crystal malt, malted oats, Challenger, Progress, Pioneer and Sovereign hops, yeast. Availability : May 2012
 Beacons to the Sea 4.1% abv
Celebrating 200 years of the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal – zesty pale golden ale with a superb light, refreshing flavour – As seen on BBC1′s Countryfile, 08/04/12Ingredients : Brecon Water, Marris Otter Pale Ale malt, Gold malt, malted Wheat, Challenger and Brewers Gold hops, yeast – dry hopped with Goldings.Availability : April – September 2012
Cwrw-istmas Beacons 4.2% abv
Pale chestnut in colour, brewed with a blend of Christmas fruits and spices – just like a pud! Rich, warming and full of cheer.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Cara malt, Crystal malt, Chocolate malt, Malted Oats; Progress, Goldings and Challenger hops; a blend of dried fruits, dark sugars, spices and vanilla pods; yeast.
 Bronze Beacons 3.9% abv
A bronze hued pale ale. Full bodied, with plenty of hop flavours – Cara and Oat malts provide the foretaste, with Cluster and Northdown hops providing the refreshing bitterness.Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Cara malt, Amber malt, Malted Oats; Cluster, Northdown and Sovereign hops; yeast.
 Six Beacons 4.1% abv
Our Six Nations special. A copper coloured session alewith a full character and plenty of body; slightly fruity yet seriously refreshing – a pleasure to tackle!Ingredients: Brecon water, Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Cara malt, Malted Wheat, Crystal malt; Sovereign, First Gold, Goldings and Challenger hops; yeast.
Pale web  Pale Beacons 3.9% abvA traditional British Pale Ale – amber hued with a splendid bittereness – perfect quaffing beer!
 Wandering web  Wandering Beacons 5.0% abvA dark amber Hued Strong Best Bitter – full bodied with a great balance of fruity malt flavours and refreshing bitterness. CAMRA Medal Winner in the Champion Beer of Wales.
Buster’s Broomstick Brew 4.3% abvA Halloween Special – a spooky Blood Red Ale, but all treat, no trick!